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Employment/Income- Applicants should have one year of current continuous employment that can be verified with a paycheck stub, income tax return, or W-2.  If starting a new job or transferring to the area, a commitment letter from employer stating income and start date is required. We use a 1.3 qualifying factor, (which means we multiply 1.3 x your gross weekly earnings), the total must be greater than the monthly rent of the apartment selected. Student loans, financial aid, and second jobs will not be considered as a primary source of income.

Rental References- Applicant must have favorable present and/or previous rental history. Unpaid balances and negative references will result in a denial of the application.

Credit- We obtain our credit reports through a national credit reporting agency. A positive credit history is required. Negative credit items could result in denial of the application.

Criminal Background Check- All applicants are screened through a criminal background check. Felony or misdemeanor charges, deferred adjudication for any such, offense, or probation for a felony is considered reasons for denial.

Supporting Documents requested to process your application- Photo ID,  paycheck stub, LES (Military).

Additional documentation may be requested to process your application such as Social Security cards, bank statements, and proof of rental property (rental leases).

Items you need to reserve your apartment home:


For all persons on the application, 18 years or older: 

Every person 18- years of age or older residing in the apartment, whether a leaseholder or occupant, is required to submit a completed application in order to perform a criminal/background check.

  • Driver’s license OR state/government photo identification

  • W-2, Paystub, SSA issued letter.

  • $30.00 non-refundable application fee

General Information

 The application process takes approximately 72 business hour days to complete for final approval.

Application must be filled out completely.  Application deposits shall be forfeited for certain circumstances, including but not limited to; omissions and/or false statements on the application form, cancellation of the application upon or after acceptance by Forest Isle Apartments.

Pet Policy:

Maximum limit is two (2) pets $300 per pet; Refundable Pet Fee is $300.00 per pet. There are no additional charges for over-sized pets.  Certain restrictions apply, including dog breeds – Ask your Leasing Consultant for a written list of restrictions.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our application criteria, please contact 504-394-4400.

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